Stunning color magazine photograph of Samia Gamal!

A very cinematic photograph of Samia Gamal, wow!

A color magazine photograph of Samia Gamal from 1953.

Angella Raidi’s homage performance to Samia Gamal!
Doesn’t she look fabulous? Love that costume! <3

Even if you are not a beginner, Leila’s tips can still give helpful reminders to keep softness, subtleness, and fluidity in your dance!

Shirley MacLaine is one of my all-time favorite American actresses! And looking oh so stunning in this costume! <3
From the film “Please Come Home" (1965.)

Egyptian belly dancer Sophia dancing to the song “Batwanes Beek" by Warda.

A beautiful porcelain doll hand-crafted by Spanish artist Maria Jose Santos.

A graceful performance by Sadie Marquardt! Dancing to the song “Zeina” by Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

Autumn Ward, golden era inspired!

A performance by Alia Mohamed. Keepin’ it classic!

Taheya Karioka certainly proves herself a legend with a performance like this!