Dancers at Jack Ahmet’s original Omar Khayam Club on Cannon Street in London, c.1970s. 


Fifi Abdou (x)

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A print photograph of Samia Gamal from the 1954 film Valley of the Kings.

A collection of promotional, classically-inspired belly dance photos. These photos were taken during my stay in Santa Ana Pueblo, NM. I also designed the costume myself. -Nira

Photos taken May 4, 2014.

Photograph of Soheir Zaki performing at a wedding.

A glamorous studio photograph of Samia Gamal.

Nagwa Fouad, rockin’ a bouffant.

Photograph of Samia Gamal from the French film Ali Baba et les Quarante Voleurs, 1954.

Elegant colored photo of Samia Gamal.

A photograph of Samia Gamal, most likely from the late 60’s.

Photograph of Taheya Karioka.